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Kristyna Oil Pastel Draft 2

This is a second draft of the oil pastel study of Kristyna who is participating in my research project.

The oil pastel drawings are intended to be studies for a larger oil painting on canvas. When I sent Kristyna the first draft, she said she felt self-conscious about the photograph I had worked from and that the greens I had used weren't dark enough. Since, it's really important to me that my participants like their portraits, and feel that they represent their identity how they would like to be presented - I decided to make a second draft. The first thing I did was to buy a new set of oil pastels with a bigger range of colours, I also asked Kristyna to send me the high res version of a photo which she liked. I then went through the same process as before, using the ammended colour scheme. My main concerns with this design is that I haven't made enough distinction (through colour selection) between the hair and skin - this is a challenge with Krityna since she is blonde, it's not so easy to match colours up to light and dark areas as I have done with other participants who have darker hair. I may ammend this issue in the final painting. Kristyna is much happier with this version and she said she especially likes the eyes.

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