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Madeleina Kay is a British artist and activist, and MA Fine Art student at Central Saint Martins 2023-2025.

Madeleina has written, illustrated and self-published nine books, including children's fiction, information booklets and art books. She has also contributed writings to several publications including the German National Library's House of Europe book (2020).

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Madeleina Kay is a singer-songwriter and performance artist. She's performed at events and festivals across the UK and Europe including: the National Justice Museum (Nottingham) 2018, Dublin Politics Festival 2018, Open'er Festival 2018, Yo! Fest 2018, the Nikolaikirche Museum (Berlin) 2019, Glastonbury Festival 2019, Aachen Town Hall 2022, European Parliament, Strasbourg 2023 and St. Michael's Church in Munich 2023. Her viral music videos have been featured on BBC News and Sky News. You can find her music videos on Youtube

In 2017, Madeleina won the 'Young Talent Prize' in the Great British Postcard Competition and the EU in my Region Blogging competition. In 2018, she won the 'Young European of the Year Award'. In 2019, she was awarded a 'Democracy Needs Imagination' grant by the European Cultural Foundation to complete a tour of the EU27. In 2020, she was awarded a Covid-19 emergency funding grant by the British Arts Council, the 'Framing Brexit: EU IDEA Visual Award', the 'Upfront! Young European Video Award' and the European Charlemagne Youth Prize. In 2023, Madeleina won the 'Gender (In)Equality and planetary health' prize awarded by Global Health 50/50.

Photographer: Crispin Lingford

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