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A Peace of Europe Documentary about the Good Friday Agreement

In 2018, film-maker Thom Jackson-Wood accompanied us on the 'Bollocks to Brexit' bus tour - filming footage for this documentary on Brexit, the EU and the Good Friday Agreement.

A Peace Of Europe (2020) is an award-winning short documentary.

Runtime: 27 minutes.

Starring: Madeleina Kay, Thom Jackson-Wood, Jane Morrice, Brian Maguire, Linda Ervine, Conor McArdle.

Featuring: Dr. Mike Galsworthy, Steven Bray, Graham Hughes, Drew Galdron.

Directed By: Thom Jackson-Wood. Assistant Director / Editor / Story Editor: Spyke O’Hanlin Music by: Madeleina Kay

The documentary was filmed such a long time ago, that watching it for the first time on YouTube after it's publication yesterday came as an unexpected surprise, reminding me of people and places that I had forgotten about. I was also shocked by the confidence with which I spoke publicly at the rallies across the UK and Europe, there is an anger, passion and self-assurance in my voice which I don't currently recognise. Especially given the context in which the Bollocks to Brexit bus tour was organised, I was recovering from pneumonia and enduring an emotionally abusive relationship with one of the other organisers - I can't believe that I managed to exhibit that level of confidence on stage despite the strain I was under at the time. For various reasons, I now feel worn down, introverted and timid - and I am wondering if I will ever get that energy back - also do I want it back? Perhaps it is better to be more reserved, considered and calm. Something for me to mull over...

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