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"My Life tastes like... Coffee; bold and rich, sometimes with a bitter aftertaste and highly caffeinated"

I was delighted to be interviewed for a German language magazine, 'GOOD IMPACT'. They sent me a copy in the post - which arrived today (it's also available as a pdf).

When I agreed to doing the interview through a member of Pulse of Europe, who I have performed for many times, I didn't realise that the publication has 45, 000 followers on Instagram and another 40,000 on Facebook - which is cool!

There was a lot of to-ing and fro-ing over the photo, as they needed me to send them a high-res image whilst I was travelling (and I didn't have my SD card / hard drive with me). In the end, the only image which I had on my computer, which was of sufficient quality, was this black and white photo - which is nice, but it is five years old now! But I am happy my smiley piercing is showing - because it makes me look a bit more punk.

Here are the questions and answers in English (or at least the answers I provided them - they could well have edited them down and I wouldn't know). I thought the questions were particularly unusual and interesting - so, I was happy to respond!

1. who do you want to be when you grow up?


I am sometimes told that I have a “wise head” on my shoulders, for “someone of my age” – which makes me feel very old already! I don’t have a clear plan for what I will do in the future, only a hopeful heart and an open mind. I am currently studying for a MA degree in Fine Art - so, I would love a job which allows me to be creative, supporting a cause which I am passionate about.


2. which taboo would you like to remove immediately?


I think women should be able to talk more openly about sexual abuse. We are made to feel guilt, shame and responsibility when horrible things are done to us by others - and it can be very lonely to suffer in silence. I think women should be empowered and supported to confront abuse.


3. we solve the climate crisis by ...


Regulation. I don’t think it’s sufficient to encourage people to “do their bit”. Big companies especially need to be regulated, so that the competition is fair. Flights, animal food products, fast fashion, etc. should also be taxed to reduce individual consumption.


4. what have you ever run away from?


Abusive relationships.


5. what time would you like to travel to?


The future. We can discover history by reading books, watching documentaries and listening to podcasts. Humans can never know for certain what will happen in the future, so I would take the opportunity to discover it.


6. what would you like to learn?


I am terrible at speaking foreign languages (despite learning for many years). I would love to be able to speak a foreign language fluently.


7. what doesn't anyone believe about you?


When I meet people who follow me on social media for the first time, they usually say “you’re nothing like I thought you would be”. This is a reminder that social media is not reality - people curate their life and present a narrative which is not always true to

life. My social media persona gives the impression that I am an out-going, bubbly and fun-loving extrovert when in reality, I am a shy, thoughtful and anxious introvert.


8. what do you do when you do nothing?


I can’t do nothing - I am very bad at relaxing because there is always too much on my mind and too many things to do.


9. which animal would you like to talk to? And about what?


Larry the Downing Street Cat – I suspect he sees things which a lot of people would like to know about.


10. you close your eyes when ...


I’ve had enough of something or someone and I need to have a moment to myself.


11. what advice would you give yourself as a friend?


Be kind to yourself as well as others. Protect your well-being, maintain your boundaries and if someone is abusive, don’t tolerate it.


12. your life tastes like ...


Coffee; bold and rich, sometimes with a bitter aftertaste and highly caffeinated.


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