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Invitation to talk on MurdochTV with a guy who hangs out in the pub with Nigel Farage...

I received an email this morning, from someone who works at Murdoch owned 'Talk TV' inviting me to discuss the Liverpool Rejoin rally with James Whale.

The fact that he couldn't do my the courtesy of bothering to spell my name correctly (I pointed this out in my reply to him) wasn't a great start. Irrespective of this, it didn't take me long to decide that my response would be a no, given that I am going out for dinner with my Dad and two best friends on Saturday to celebrate my 30th birthday. But I decided to check out who James Whale is in case they offered me an alternative time slot...

Here is some of his delightful Twitter content:

If his abhorrent, racist messages weren't enough - I then found a photograph of him cheerily smiling in a pub, arm in arm with none other than... Nigel Farage. I want to vomit.

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