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Making a Patchwork Quilt for Baby Yoda

When my friend's baby was born he sent a photo of his face next to a picture of Yoda, so when I was looking for fabric for a project to practice using my new sewing machine and I found some Fat Quarters with a Baby Yoda design - I knew exactly what I had to make...

The first and biggest mistake I made with this project was not cutting the rectangles to a template, and instead approximating the size based on the creases created by the fabric being folded. This led to problems later on when trying to align the rectangles when stitching them together... I guess I learned an important lesson that (metaphorically) cutting corners creates more problems later on.

However, it wasn't a massive problem since my approximations were close enough to the correct size. There was 4 different Fat Squares with a unique pattern, so I began by laying out the rectangles to ensure that no two rectangles with the same pattern were touching along the edges. I then pinned the rectangles together along the long edges and sewed them into strips using running stitch. Afterwards I pinned the longer strips together and sewed them using the same stitch.

The next step was finding the right fabric for the base of the quilt. Since the rectangle patches were made of quite a thin, coarse material, I tried to find a fabric that would be soft and warm for the underside. In my local fabric shop they had a plush, pale green fabric which was perfect - I bought 1 metre which was enough for a double layer base.

I cut the plus fabric to size, folded it over and pinned the patches in place before sewing the 3 layers together using a zig-zag stitch. I was concerned that my sewing machine would struggle to get through all 3 layers since the plush fabric was quite thick - but it managed it okay. I sewed the two long edges and 1 short edge with the topside of each layer face-to-face, so that I could turn the quilt inside out and the seam would not show.

Sewing the final edge of the quilt was very tricky because I had to turn the edges of the fabric in on themselves to create the seam - which meant I was sewing through 6 layers of fabric. This was especially a problem at the two corners which my sewing machine couldn't handle - so I ended up doing it by hand, which looked a bit messy. I just hope the stitches don't come undone!

Overall, I was happy with the finished quilt and excited to send it in the post to Baby Yoda. I hope he likes it too & it keeps him warm!

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