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Performance at Zukunft Berlin Conference

Updated: Nov 9, 2023

I performed my song 'It's Time To Vote' at the Zukunft Berlin conference on 8th November at the Allianz Forum. I also presented the YEUF project of the Charlemagne Youth Prize Alumni network, for which I wrote the song.

At the Zukunft Berlin conference at the Allianz Forum, which is located next to the Brandenberg Gate, I presented the YEUF project of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize Alumni network. The YEUF project is mobilising young voters ahead of the EU elections by training young changemakers to raise awareness of the European Parliament and upcoming elections within their communities.

The "YEUF glasses" were an idea of one of our star changemakers, which I have utilised as the project motif, by creating multiples for our project participants to wear in photographs and video content promoting the project. It's also a way to make the project communications content more exciting, joyful and fun and thereby hopefully make the campaign appeal to the youth. We are also asking older voters and politicians to wear the "YEUF glasses" and thereby see from the perspective of Europe's youth when they come to vote.

I have also written a song for the project, and we will be filming footage for a music video at project events ahead of the EU elections. The song, titled 'It's Time To Vote' features a repitive chorus hich makes it easier for an audience to sing along. I performed the song at the Allianz Forum before presenting the project.

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