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Trying to sew whilst Boudicca is happening...

I managed to finish the second and third 'MANTRUM' cushions, despite interference from a floofy little terror, and even successfully sewing a zip this time!

Something went wrong with the thread tension midway through this one (hence why the back of the sewing looks like a mess on the A, N & T letters) fortunately it didn't affect the front of the sewing. I tried adjusting the stitch tension but I think the problem was with the bobbin because as soon as I swapped it for another one - the problem disapperared.

I'm relatively happy with how the design turned out. The red felt isn't as visible on the busy Pinnochio fabric as the dark brown felt, but since I made the red lettering very large, I think it still works. 'INTERDIT' is a fabulously authoritative french word meaning 'forbidden'.

I had a second attempt at the original design but making the red 'forbidden' symbol much thicker this time - I think it works better, although it covers over more of the Pinnochio design - so, I'm not sure which is better overall.

Most importantly - I think I got the zip right this time! Learning to sew a zip was my main learning objective with this project - so I am pleased I have at least achieved that outcome!

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May 07

Congratulations! It looks great!

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