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Vote Cruelty Out! General Election 4th July 2024 - Music Video

We released the music video for the "It's Time To Vote" song ahead of the UK General Election with a disability awareness message.

I saw a Tweet which perfectly summarises what our music video is about....

Me and Thom had great fun filming the music video, especially trampling the Tory party manifesto into the dirt (with my boots and Thom's wheels). I think my favourite bit was kissing Michael Gove's photo goodbye before putting him through the shredder - I can be evil sometimes!

It was honestly incredibly cathartic shredding the photos... I think mine and Thom's facial expressions as we were doing it make this music video.

I think my favourite photo from the filming session was this one of the back of the "Sick Note" jackets... You can also see my "pill" earing quite clearly.

The plan was originally to burn the shreds but we decided that it wasn't a very environmentally friendly message, so we went with the recycling bin...


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