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"Eat the Rich" - Antlers

After Alex Schady's "pink sculpture" workshop where I fashioned myself a rather flimsy pait of antlers out of pink and yellow tape - I have been desperate to get a more robust pair. I'm not exactly sure why nor what I am going to use them for at the moment - I just really wanted some. It's possible that I am trying to channel the "Eat the Rich" energy ahead of the 2024 general election, inspired by the film, Saltburn. Equally they could be apolitical antlers - I don't really know - but i'm sure i'll use them as a costume for a performance at some point.

My first port-of-call was to search online market places (including Etsy) for antlers with flowers, to see what was available - but I wasn't super impressed by most of the options and the nice ones were stupid expensive. So, I decided to fashion my own. I ordered some gold antlers and blue fabric flowers:

I stuck the large roses in place first, holding them with suitable floral clips until the glue had dried.

I used AT Kearney - the Globalisation Index bear (my 18th birthday present from my little sister) as my model for the headband as I stuck the smaller flowers in place. (Don't ask why he is wearing a Hawaian beach outfit, there is no good reason).

I tried to make the back view look as nice as the front.

When the glue had dried I took the antlers outside to get some photos in the sunshine.

It proved too sunny for the selfie photos - although I think this one (cowering in the shade) works as a black and white image - with the flowers blending into the background foliage.

I moved back inside to get this colour photo. The top which I found in a charity shop a few years ago matched the blue flowers perfectly. The OTT earrings were a gift from a friend. I don't know why my ear is bright red - it does that sometimes.

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