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"her singing has made EU countries vote far right" - more troll-a-lol-a-loll-ing

I've been collecting troll comments which appeared on my posts from events ahead of the EU elections 6-9th June. This was partly to share with my colleague (to have a good laugh over their mudanity and stupidity) but also because I am intending to make some artworks out of their abusive words. I currently have ideas for both visual and performance artworks which reclaim my sense of self in the aftermath of their cruelty - as a friend said to me recently, "everything is material".

I'm planning on burning this canvas in a trashfire soon and filming it.

Some of the comments are genuinely funny or use colourful language that made me laugh;

  • 'Haven't the Germans suffered enough...'

  • 'No talent so ideal candidate to work for the EU commission'

  • 'impersonating cats being disembowled alive'

  • 'her singing has made EU countries vote far right'

  • 'what was the excuse for the diabolical singing every other time'

Some of them are just plain stupid / illiterate and they make me despair for the lack of critical thinking skills in the general population;

  • 'can't really see how Boris [Johnson] & Jacob [rees-Mogg] are elites'

  • 'dictatorship is the eu'

  • 'get out of your high horse'

Some comments are just plain abusive / derogatory;

  • 'You're 30 you stupid cow ...'

  • 'Fu** students. You honestly think everyone thinks or gives a toss about you lazy fu***'

  • 'get back to your cult silly little girl'

  • 'Have you thought about onlyfans?'

Other notable comments;

  • 'There's a dinghy to France if you love the EU so much'

  • 'you are wasting your time why not find a worthwhile use of your life'

  • 'she can't be for real most teenage kids would absolutely p1ss themselves laughing at this'

  • 'The main benefit or Brexit is listening and watching Remainers and Rejoiners cry every day since the vote in 2016'

  • 'why don't you go do some colouring in'

  • 'British activist and artist so you do nothing then ?'

  • 'Maddie - this is getting embarassing now'

  • 'How can someone talk so much and say so little? Load of tripe'

  • 'listening to that woman is an embarassment to the country'

There is a lot of the usual accusations of the EU being "Nazi" or a "dictatorship" or, at least, "undemocractic" - which is a line straight out of Farage's play book. Unsurprisingly, many of them are advocating for voting for his party, Reform UK. The irony that they are trolling posts about the EU elections whilst accusing the EU of being undemocratic is apparently lost on them. As is the ability to write coherent sentences with correct punctuation.

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