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Image Dump: Flags and National Symbols

Updated: May 14

Trigger Warning: Far-Right nonsense. I'm using this blog post as a depository for images incorporating flags or other national symbols which I come across in my day-to-day life or whilst mindlessly "wandering" the internet. A significant number of these images were originally left in comments under my social media posts. I will keep adding to this post as I discover more.

I'll start with this hilarious, Renaissance-esque image which was sent to me by a Facebook friend on my birthday. This image had me in stitches - I sent it to a friend who replied "Well that's a special kind of special." For context: Europa is a princess in Greek mythology who rides a white bull and was abducted by Zeus who fathered their three sons who all became judges of the underworld. I guess my Dad's dog, Alba, which resembles a white wolf is close enough - although I'd rather not be abducted by a Greek God if I can possibly avoid it. The blue and gold dress feature the the EU emblem, whereas the Union Jack drifts faintly over the majestic neo-classical background.

A photo posted by Pulse of Europe from their conference in Berlin, featuring a giant EU flag, as well as a patchwork flag made up of the EU27 nation state flags, I am holding the Union Jack in the centre of the image, the Ukraine flag also appears in the photo along with a couple of the Pulse of Europe hybrid EU / LGBTQ+ flags. I think this photo represents a celebration of diversity and solidarity across nations and communities.

A Christmas gift from my half-brother's Canadian girlfriend - a Maple syrup lollipop. A very sweet, patriotic gift (pun intended).

I saw this hybrid Ukraine-EU flag hanging from the window of a house in Norbury. It's not obvious from the low-quality photograph, but when looking at it in-person, I think the flag was printed as a hybrid and not two flags stitched together. These hybrid flags wouldn't be produced if there wasn't sufficient demand for them (ie. British people wanting to show solidarity with Ukraine).

The EU-Ukraine flag which I took to Munich for the "International Peace festival" was a limited edition flag to show solidarity, which was produced by EU Flag Mafia - it's no longer available to purchase.

A rather hard-hitting piece of graffiti I stumbled across on social media. Here the Star of David - which is featured on the Israeli flag - has been merged with the Nazi swastika. The accompanying text 'THE IRONY OF BECOMING WHAT YOU ONCE HATED' aims to draw attention to the genocide occurring in Gaza at the hands of the IDF.

Another image I found on social media, which amused me is the 'Irish Reunification' phone. I don't know where this phone is from but I suspect it might be the Sinn Fein party offices.

My local Morrisons seem to be targeting the local patriots with their marketing, huge Union-Jack hearts have been slapped on all the entrances with the text, 'LOVE BRITISH'.

This image I came across on X (Twitter) whilst researching content for my post on the "England Football Kit rebranding debacle". It's a crest of Saint George on a Pride flag - designed to wind up the Far-Right even more than they already were by the slight colour alterations made to the St George's cross by Nike.

Similarly, this image was left in my Facebook comment - an amalgamation of the pride flag and the St. George's flag.

This one was also left on my Facebook - although, I'm not entirely sure what it's supposed to represent.

This flag was also left on my Facebook page - it shows the Union Jack merged with the Welsh flag. I actually prefer it to the Union Jack - and as I was recently told by a Welshman - it has the right "priorities".

Far-Right Images

First up, I discovered that I have been turned into a meme. The original photograph of me performing in front of a hybrid UK/EU flag has been crudely digitally edited (probably in Microsoft Paint) and text added 'BOLLOCKS TO DEMOCRACY TOUR BY THE REAL FASCISTS". I regularly get labelled as a Nazi / fascist for supporting the EU - this is nothing new.

There's a lot of trolls which share share images which include hybrid EU-Sastika flags in order to communicate the message that the EU is a "Nazi organisation". I get a lot of this type of image in my comments.

The Far-Right also like to communicate the message that the "LGBTQ+ agenda" is also "Nazi". I have seen the image below printed as stickers and attached to lamp posts in several European cities. The image was made famous by privately educated, failed London mayoral candidate and wannabe edge-lord Laurence Fox who tweeted it during Pride month with the caption “Oh blessed and most holy month!”

This Tweet, which had his account temporarily suspended, was condemned by antisemitism campaigns including The Holocaust Memorial Day Trust, who said: “We are appalled to see Laurence Fox's vile tweet this morning with abhorrent use of the swastika. Gay men experienced untold suffering under the Nazis, including murder, castration and medical experimentation.

“Ignorance of this history can only exacerbate present-day discrimination faced by #LGBTQ+ people.”

Another odd amalgamation of flags I came across on X (Twitter) included; the Al-Quaeda flag, the Chinese Communist party flag; the Pan African Black Power flag; the Trans and Pride flags as strips comprising a cross with the Labour Party flag at the centre. I assume this user, who lacks a profile photo (a hallmark of bots and trolls) was trying to present the message that diversity, terrorism and authoritarianism are synonymous and will be inevitable outcomes of a Labour government?

Similarly, this "EUSSR" flag was left in my X (Twitter) replies:

This flag is absolutely hilarious, as are the bikini-clad women holding it. They've taken the LGBT acronym of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans-Gender community and repurposed it to align with their own world view; Statue of Liberty (leading me to assume they are American), Guns, Beer and Tits. The irony that their chosen symbol of patriotism - the Statue of Liberty - was a gift given to the US by France I probably lost on them. It's interesting they have gone for a monochrome flag, I assume this is not to include any of the colours featured on the Pride flag - which is a rainbow. This flag appears to be printed which makes me wonder how many of these have been made?

A digital artwork featuring the EU flag on the Grim Reaper's cape - another image left in my Facebook comments.

This post which encouraged people to turn zebra crossings into a series of very wonky England flags was as pathetic and amusing in equal measure.

I was rather amused by this image playing on the "flag shagger" insult....

This image of the devil overlaid on the EU emblem was presumably created to communicate the message that the EU is evil. It was Tweeted at me, along with the comment 'Maybe the swamp EU can find you' - which is based a conspiracy theory that politicians are actually "Lizard People" who run the world. Be wary of anyone who chants things at protests like "drain the swamp!" - it usually means they are an alt-right conspiracy theorist.

I found this image on Instagram, which definitely made me chuckle...

A right-wing account on X (Twitter) is seemingly fed up of "woke" flags...

The Ridiculous Daily Express Poll

The Daily Express had the bright idea of running a poll to ask; "Should the UK introduce a minister for flags?" in order to "protect our flag".

Thankfully the poll got widely shared by Lefty-Twitter whose input significantly shifted the result. Which on 07/04/25 was 68% no.

St. George's Day

Predictably, St George's Day today prompted some more material, including this hybrid Pride X st. George's flag shared by a Facebook account called 'Britain For All'.

One of my Twitter followers shared an alternative version with me....

Unsurprisingly, the "celebration" ended in violence courtesy of the far-right, who have co-opted the England flag as a symbol of nationalism (with fascist overtones).

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