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It's Time To Vote - EU Elections 2024 Music Video

I wrote the song, 'It's Time To Vote' last year in anticipation of the upcoming elections in the UK and EU in 2024 - the "Year of Democracy". My intention was always to create two music videos for this song, one focussed on the EU elections and one on the UK General Election, so the lyrics are deliberately generalised.

It was quite an easy edit, since the song is fairly short (a 3 minute Euro-pop smash) and as I had already reviewed most of the footage for the YEUFvision documentary. I didn't want this video to include my usual, close-up "lip sync" footage, instead opting for footage from various performances which show the impact of the song which is fundamentally about "reaching" people and mobilising participation. I then interspersed other footage from the events I have attended between the performance footage - I deliberately chose the most "fun" and dynamic footage - lots of smiles and people engaged in creative actions to give the video a positive, uplifting vibe.

I created these lyric cards with the words from the chorus, with the intention of inviting people to hold one word each, to be featured in the music video - which would give an impression of the wide mobilisation of citizens for our election campaign. Obviously the colours had to be EU blue and yellow.

It was really fun filming these clips, with participants wearing our "YEUF" glasses. I especially liked the guy with his organisation's toy otter mascot - who I put a pair of glasses on as well.

As well as the individuals, we also took some group photos/videos.

Subtitling the video was a very quick process since the lyric cards I made had already done half the job. For the rest of the footage, I used yellow sutitles (which are the most inclusive but also) matched the lyric cards. I planned to release the video on the evening (6-8pm is the optimum posting time) before the elections start as a final push to mobilise voters.



Together we can change,

The future for us all,

Build a better world,

Catch the stars before they fall

So, stand up and be counted,

Show that you have hope,

Speak out and you will be heard,

It matters that you vote


We haven't lost the battle,

'Til we give up the fight,

As long as we are trying,

We can keep our dreams in sight


It's time to stand up,

It's time for hope,

It's time to speak out,

It's time for hope,

It's time to be heard,

It's time for hope,

It's time to come together,

It's time to vote


When those who lead us,

Let us down at our expense,

It's easy to think they're the same,

And stay sitting on the fence

But nothing will change,

with complacency it stays the same,

We can only be losers,

When we walk away from the game




It's time for change

It's time to vote

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