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It's Time To Vote - Voter Mobilisation Song

Ahead of the EU election in June 2024 and the UK general election (likely) Autumn 2024, I've written a voter mobilsation song to support the campaigns to motivate citizens to participate in their respective democracies.

I initially wrote the song to support a project I am working on as the communications consultant, to mobilise young voters for the EU elections. The YEUF project of the European Charlemagne Youth Prize (which I won back in 2020) is being delivered by a consortium of partner organisations across the EU27. We are organising training events for young changemakers in every EU member states, and I am travelling to around 8 events to film footage for our social media accounts and website. I thought this was the perfect opportunity to also film footage for a music video which shows the mass support for participation in EU democracy across Europe. I wrote and recorded the song, titled 'It's Time To Vote' at Big Dog Studios in Sheffield and created the lyric video which has been published immediately. A full music video will be published later (around May 2024) with footage from the YEUF project events. The lyrics and general mood of the song is upbeat and hopeful for a more positive future. However, the lyrics also address apathy and the consequences of neglecting your civic duty and allowing others to speak on your behalf.


Verse 1

Together we can change, the future for us all,

Build a better world, catch the stars before they fall

Stand up and be counted, show that you have hope,

Speak out and you will be heard, It matters that you vote


We haven’t lost the battle,

'Til we give up the fight,

As long as you are trying,

You can keep your dreams in sight


It’s time to stand up

It’s time for hope

It’s time to speak out

It’s time for hope

It’s time to be heard

It’s time for hope

It’s time to come together

It’s time to vote

Verse 2

When the people who lead us, let us down at our expense,

It’s easy to think they’re the same and stay sitting on the fence,

But nothing will change, with complacency it stays the same

We can only be losers, when we walk away from the game




It's time for change

It's time to vote

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