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Sheffield for Europe Mug Designs

I created this design for Sheffield for Europe to print on mugs and sell as merchandise.

Sheffield for Europe, my local pro-EU, grassroots group contacting me to ask if I would be willing to donate a design for them to print on mugs and sell to support their campaign. There only stipulation was that it should have blue and yellow stars on it somewhere and the words 'Sheffield for Europe' as well as my name. I sent them 3 artworks to choose from:

REUflection, acrylic on canvas, 2023

EU Peace Dove, watercolour on paper, 2016

European Integration III, oil on canvas, 2020

They decided to go with the 3rd design 'European Integration III', which is a futurist, abstract oil painting inspired by the intimidating architecture of the Berlaymont building in Brussels.

I then digitally added the EU stars and the type, as requested and they printed it on the mugs! Overall, I'm very happy with how they turned out, the limited colour palette worked well for the print. I have had lots of compliments on the design and they've already sold quite a lot of them, which if I am honest I was surprised about because I would personally wouldn't spend £12.50 on a mug + P&P!

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