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Travel Sketchbooks 2020-2023

Video of Madeleina Kay's travel sketchbooks from 2020-2023

I made this video, at the request of a number of my Facebook followers. I regularly post photographs of my travel sketches along with photographs I take when I travel in Europe. However, I have not yet scanned and uploaded the sketches made post-2019 to my website or displayed them anywhere as an online collection. So, I was asked by a number of people to create this video turning the pages of my travel sketchbooks, so they could see the artworks all together.

There are both watercolour and ink paintings and charcoal/ink drawings displayed in this video, as I always carry two sketchbooks with different kinds of paper whenever I travel. The artworks were made between 2020 and 2023. The sound track consists of my own, original songs, which reflect on the joys and trials of travel and European values.


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