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"We have been swimming in Shit" - Making Placards for XR March in London

My Dad invited me on an environmental protest march in London - which I find funny given that I took him on his first ever protest march in 2016 - now he is reciprocating!

My Dad sent me this photo of his placard - he has been canvasing for Green Peace ahead of the General Electionn - asking people to sign up to be a Climate Voter. He is a perfectionist - so, I know that he will have spent hours making this - getting the lettering so neat.

I decided to match his effort. I found some holographic rainbow wrapping paper in B&M Bargains in Hillsborough which I used as the background for my placard. I then measured out grids on plain white paper, to create my own neat lettering, with the message 'VOTE FOR A FUTURE'.

Boudicca "helping" by playing with the letters and knocking them off the table.

I then cut out these letters to use as templates to cut out from a roll of sticky-back silver paper which I had acquired a while ago but never used. I'll be honest, this process of cutting out the letters twice, was very time-consuming and fiddly but I think worth it for the end result.

I decided to include a green heart in the design - in case the climate message wasn't clear.

I was happy with the design - but I felt that it wasn't quite sparkly enough - so, I decided to add some silver adhesive gems.

I always make my placards double-sided, but I couldn't think of anything for the other side so I stole Jeremy Deller's words for a more cynical contrast to my rainbow, sparkly hearts....

We sometimes we chat on Instagram DM, so I asked him if it was okay that I quoted him. He said it was fine but I didn't need to put his name and that "the march has officially used the quote too but not as good as you have" - which was sweet of him.


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