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Volunteering We Grow - Song Released

The song which I co-wrote for the Centre for European Volunteering has been released ahead of their EU elections 2024 campaign to mobilise voters.

I co-wrote the song with a member of staff from CEV, Joseph Redsure which we recorded in Sheffield in December. The co-write and recording session went really well and it was an effective collaboration - my only concern is that my voice sounds a bit odd (coarse and grainy) but I think that's because my asthma has been a lot worse this winter. I really love the video they have produced, the footage from their volunteer groups across Europe is really impactful and moving - fitting perfectly with the message of the song. The song is part of their campaign to mobilise young voters ahead of the EU elections in 2024. We will be debuting the song as a performace at the EESC (European Economic and Social Committee) in March.

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