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Ways of Healing Workshop in Bologna on 18/04/24

I am so excited for our upcoming workshop 'Ways of Healing' which my art collective Dare to Care are delivering at Adiacenze Art Space as part of 'The Vibrant Mind' exhibition public programme organised by GAMIAN Europe.

Adiacenze Art Space published a post today publicising our upcoming workshop on 18th April. I didn't realise they were going to use the close up photographs of my artwork 'A Thread of Empathy' which I had sent to my collective to share on our own social media accounts to pormote the workshop - I think it looks super cool with the text overlaid and I was so happy they used the images.

I am performing as part of my workshop which is being delivered after another workshop by my dear friend, Kristyna who is a dramaturg and PhD student at Belfast University. Kristyna's workshop is more discursive, whereas mine will involve collaborative making with textiles. I have been co-ordinating with Elena, whose parents live in Bologna, to order the materials we need; embroidery threads, permanent markers, sewing needles and fabric.

I didn't actually write the blurb for my workshop - but Kristyna and Elena did a better job than I could have done summarising what I had written in my workshop proposal.

I'm super excited for the workshop, as well as our performances at the open night of the 'Vibrant Mind' exhibition at DUMBO on Friday 19th April, which will feature some of our work. It's really great that we've got so many partners on board to support our work! It's been so nice to collaborate on this project which feels like a big collective teamwork effort!


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