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Sketches from Durrës

Durrës is an Albanian coastal town about 40km from the capital city Tirana. I wanted to go somewhere else for a couple of days and this town was easily accessible by coach. I'm not a masive fan of lounging on the beach or swimming in the sea, but I enjoy the view - so, a couple of days was plenty enough time. As there were no notable art galleries to visit, I spent the entire time wandering around drawing things - here are some of my sketches:

An abandoned building in the park where the concrete bunkers are located.

Someone's house.

The North beach by Kallmi's Eye.

City Wall.

Abandoned restaurant on the South beach.

Sfinksi on the North beach.

Gateway at the Ampi-theatre.

Vila e Ahmet Zogut.

A stunning mosaic made from Albanian stones.

There was a little bit of street art/interesting grafitti around Durrës.

I was a bit upset by the number of stray animals on the streets of Albania, although I expected this would be the case. I generally don't go near them, but there was one dog who folowed me down the road and kept pawing at my legs. The second day I was there, the dog came up to me again - so, I offered the back of my hand to sniff (a non-threatening gesture) before petting them.

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